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NZ Online Spending Patterns 2022

While nearly a quarter of shoppers indicated an increase in their overall spending in the past year, this percentage jumps to 39% when specifically inquiring about their online expenditures.

• Among the 35% who reported a decrease in their overall spending in 2022, 34% redirected more of their budget toward online purchases.

• Among the 24% who claimed to have increased their overall spending in 2022, a significant 61% allocated a larger portion of their budget to online shopping.

Both of these groups mentioned that their shift toward online shopping was driven by the convenience of researching products and features and discovering valuable deals.

Additionally, 22% of shoppers revealed that they reduced their online spending over the past year. The reasons behind this decline include:

  • 68% of them tightened their overall spending due to economic pressures.

  • 32% cited the ability to return to physical stores as the primary reason for reducing online spending after lockdown restrictions were lifted.

  • 29% mentioned heightened sustainability awareness as a factor in their reduced expenditures.

  • 24% experienced online delivery delays.

  • 8% had concerns about online security.

  • 2% encountered limitations in delivery access, such as residing in an apartment.

Overall, these statistics indicate promising opportunities for online retailers to cater to shoppers seeking better value and more sustainable options.

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