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How it works

PRINT IT, STICK IT, TRACK IT as easy as 1 2 3


Easily import your website or auction site orders, calculate courier cost and print your branded shipping labels, the software is FREE to use, NO setup fee, NO monthly fee, we will even set up your printer for FREE, you only pay for the courier charge of what you shipped, there is no minimum spending required.

How do we make money if we don’t charge you for the software you might ask, as we have thousands of customers and ships millions of parcels, we get a volume discount from the carriers, we take a little cut and pass some of that savings to our customers, and no, you won’t pay more than what you would if you have an acount directly with the carriers. You don’t need to open different accounts with different carriers either, one account with Parcelport will give you access to multiple carriers with just one bill to pay.

Your branded shipping label is the courier ticket, so there’s no need to buy prepaid courier tickets in advance, better for your cashflow, you print what you need and when you needed. We charge on a linear rate, meaning if you ship 1 kg you only pay for 1 kg and not the higher amount usually is on the prepaid tickets.


Stick the shipping labels on your parcels and wait for the courier to pick them up, that’s it, our software can notify the courier driver when your parcel is ready, so there’s no need to phone the courier company, you can just relax and have time for a coffee or do something more productive for your business.

Our customers saves on average a few hours a day on dispatching, they can better use that time on growing their business rather than spending that on mundane manual tasks. Time is money, so printing your shipping labels with Parcelport is like printing money!


You can track and trace your parcels online in real time, the software also automatically sends branded tracking updates to the receivers so they knows when the shipment has been dispatched and when the shipment is expected to arrive, statistics shows, when the shopper is kept informed through tracking, it is less likely they will call you and more likely they will buy from you again, you will also be able to see the signatures of the persons who signed for them when the parcel reached its destination, you can view and export reports online. If something goes wrong, the system can also create branded return labels, and tracks and manages the returns.

Our service is like the sticky label, we stick to your parcel until it gets there.

At Parcelport we make shipping easy with our Print-it Stick-it Track-it system. When it comes to handling your parcels, we are it!