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May 15, 2018
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Payport is rebranded as Parcelport


Payport (www.payport.co.nz) is rebranded as Parcelport, (www.parcelport.co.nz) The New Zealand-based courier services marketplace was founded in 2011 as Payport, the company started off as a payment and freight tech company. As ecommerce continue to grow, getting paid online and dispatching goods out to customers has become a real challenge, payment and freight are two important infrastructure supporting ecommerce, Payport was established to address these two areas, said Jimmy Wu, managing director of the company.

The company recently partnered with global transport and logistics giant TNT and New Zealand Post to service New Zealand exporters, Wu said. Parcelport focuses on servicing small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) while its larger competitors focus on bigger businesses. An SME would place its customer’s consignment order with Parcelport which would assign the job to the appropriate courier company for delivery, Wu noted. Parcelport calculates the freight cost, prints tickets and shipping labels for the courier, and tracks the delivery.

Over the past few years the company experienced exponential growth in the freight side of the business, in 2016 the company was listed as one of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the Asia Pacific by Deloitte, and it was finalist in the Auckland Westpac Best Emerging Business Award in 2017, the company has pivoted to concentrate on its parcel business. The name Payport no longer represent our core business, we tell people we are Payport and we are a parcel company, people just get confused, Parcelport is a more appropriate name, luckily we didn’t have to change our P logo, said Wu.

The company’s legal name will remain Payport Limited.

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