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How are we different to StarShipIT?

Quite often we get asked by shippers and senders how are we different to the StarShipIT software (also known as ShipIT) and are you a copy of StarShipIT? Let’s answer these questions.

Our software is similar to their software, but that’s where the similarity ends…. and no, we are not a copy of ShipIT ūüôā¬† Parcelport (back then was called Pay Port) was founded in 2012 at about the same time they were founded.¬† In fact, when we first got the idea to build a courier and freight aggregator we didn’t even know they existed – not until about three years later when they surfaced.

ShipIT is a SAAS (Software As A Service).  This means that they charge its users a monthly fee to use the software. They make money on charging a monthly fee to access their software and on top of that the users still need to pay the courier companies directly for the courier charges. On top of this, with ShipIT, you will need to open separate courier accounts with each courier company that you want to use, negotiate your own rates, and at the end of the month there will be multiple invoices to check and pay.

Parcelport is proudly not a SAAS software but a courier platform.  The Parcelport software is free to use, and you only pay for the courier charges you use. There is no minimum monthly spending requirement on our platform, and no monthly fee. Also, the Parcelport platform allows you access to multiple couriers with only one invoice from Parcelport covering all courier companies charges at the end of the month.  Additionally, Parcelport customers can call Parcelport Customer Service and deal with Parcelport directly for all courier companies Рone single point of contact and support.   These are the major differences between a SAAS platform and Parcelport.

You may ask, “wouldn’t I end up paying more for the courier charges with Parcelport than if I would be paying the courier companies directly?”¬† The answer to that question is no and here is why. Parcelport have thousands of customers, which means that collectively we have a lot of parcel volume. ¬† Because of this we get a significant volume discount/wholesale price from the courier companies and we pass most of that saving on to you.¬† This is why Parcelport can offer you the access to its courier dispatching and fulfillment management software for free.



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