How The Courier System Works
May 14, 2018

The History of Courier Services

Humans have felt the limitations of verbal communication for a very long time. In 490 BCE, the Ancient Greek runner Pheidippides ran over 41kms from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of Greece’s victory over the Persians. Fun fact: this long-distance running is where we got the word marathon from! Runners, homing pigeons, horses, dogs, and even camels have been used in the past (and some continue to be used in the present day) as a way to send items and messages to people far away.

What is Courier?
Before we dive into the history of the courier service, we need to distinguish the difference between courier mail and ordinary mail. The word ‘courier’ originates from the Latin ‘currere’ which means to run, and runners were indeed the first ‘courier service’. In the modern world, couriers are faster, have tracking capabilities, and require a signature upon receiving the package. People tend to favour courier over ordinary mail services because it is more reliable and secure.

Delivery Methods from the Past
The first documented organised courier service dates all the way back to Egypt in 2400 BC where runners would courier documents carved into stone. The ancient Greeks and Romans used horses and chariot-mounted couriers called anabasii to deliver messages and commands, while in Australia, people travelled on camels until 1929 when railroads took over the job of the highly capable but slow even-toed ungulate. Dogs were used in Australia, Alaska and Canada from 1890-1963, but since the invention of the modern day courier service, dogs are by and large living a comfortable life in houses!

The Modern Day Courier Service
In 1907, an American entrepreneur called Jim Casey borrowed $100 from a friend to start a messenger service in Seattle. This later became UPS, and the rest is history. Now, people can send packages and mail from New Zealand to Iceland by plane or boat, and the process has never been easier or more streamlined. The global courier service works unanimously to make sending and receiving mail as stress-free as possible.

Pay As You Go
If you run an e-commerce store or a physical store that deals with deliveries on the regular, our ‘pay as you go’ courier pickup and delivery service will make the whole process more efficient, reliable and affordable. There are no set up fees, monthly fees, upfront costs or courier tickets to buy – you simply print your own ticket/label and pay for what you use. The courier truck will pick up the goods and deliver them to your customers, and you can track and trace the entire operation. For a cost effective courier service that is punctual and accurate, get in touch with us.

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