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Find out how thousands of businesses are SAVING TIME & MONEY with our FREE dispatching & Fulfillment Software. IMPORT Orders From Shopping Carts, Choose from MULTIPLE Courier companies, VALIDATE Shipping Addresses, PRINT Branded courier tickets, BOOK Courier pickups, TRACK parcels & RETURNS using ONE EASY ONLINE ACCOUNT

Q: How do Parcelport make money if it don't charge for the software?

A: Parcelport has thousands of customers and ships millions of parcels, we receive a volume discount from the carriers. you don't pay more than what you would if you have an account directly with the carriers. you don't need to open different accounts with different carriers either, one account with parcelport will give you access to multiple carriers with just one bill to pay.

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Making a sale online is just the beginning, fulfilment is the ultimate destination of your customers' journey, and Parcelport will stick with you all the way

– Roman Zhu, former General Manager, Alibaba Group

10 Years in Business
Thousands of Users
Millions of Shipments
Our Customers Trust Us With $100,000,000 Worth of Shipments Annually
UK Financial Times High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2023 (Ranked No. 1 in New Zealand)
4th Fastest Growing Company in New Zealand (2021 Deliotte Fast 50)
6 Years as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Asia-Pacific (Deliotte & Financial Times)

We started using Parcelport about 8 years ago. Because they offer a flexible solution – everything is done online – whenever we want to, we can choose a courier from multiple choices depending on the customer need and where the customer is. I’ve been very happy with their customer service. If things go wrong, and sometimes they do with couriers, they are very good at solving the issues and getting things right. I can recommend using Parcelport, they aren’t just efficient but also very cost Effective

– Safka Continental Goodies 

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