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Access MULITIPLE courier companies under ONE account

Via the Parcelport system, you can now send your store, website or Trademe orders etc to multiple international and domestic courier companies such as New Zealand Post, EMS, TNT Express, Posthaste, Castle Parcels, NOW Couriers & Pace Couriers etc. You can get courier prices from these companies, print their courier tickets, book pickups, track and trace parcels and order their stationery within the Parcelport App. Courier Post services is also available via the Parcelport retail network

If you want to find out more on how Parcelport can help you manage your couriers and shipping needs please CLICK HERE

Ship to over 360 towns and cities nationwide

Ship to over 220 countries worldwide

Ship across town in major cities

Ship across town in major cities under 1 hour, urgent international deliveries 2 to 5 days

Over 25kg, 2 Men Lift, Pallets, Bulk Freight

Your kids put stickers on things to make them cooler. We like how they think! Put our sticker on your parcel and make it cooler, and safer, and trackable.