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As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Parcelport, we also like to celebrate our people 

Like the package along its journey from the warehouse to the depot, from the airplane to a delivery vehicle, from the delivery vehicle to a home, it passes through so many pairs of hands that help it reach its destination. We would like to acknowledge all the past and present Parcelport team members, customers, investors who have lent a hand to get us this far.

Chairman of the Board

With 20 plus years in the Logistics industry, Graham was the former Managing Director of DHL NZ, Director of DHL Asia Pacific and Director of TNT Asia Pacific. More recently he was the CEO of the public listed Turners Auctions.

Graham is with Parcelport for 6 years

Independent Director

Nelson is a chartered accountant, founding partner and CEO of Zino Ventures (one of Parcelport's investors) and an early investor in Xero

Nelson is with Parcelport for 6 years

Founder, Director, CEO

Jimmy is a successful serial entrepreneur and founder of Parcelport

Jimmy is with Parcelport for 10 years

Head of Parcelport Business School

Roman was General Manager at Alibaba Group, 25 years experience in e-commerce/digital business in China, including P&G, Mars, Alibaba.

Director - Australia Office

Leishi is an experienced senior developer having co-founded and was shareholders in number of tech start-ups in Australia, including ASX listed Jayride


Warwick was the CFO of Freightways Group, parent company for New Zealand Couriers, Posthaste, Castle Parcels, Now Couriers, Sub 60, Pass The Parcel etc

General Manager

Jack first came to Parcelport wanting to work as a customer service representative, he got convinced to try the role of sales instead and became a sales star, being a frontline team member he quickly learnt all respect of the business and in 2020 he became General Manager. Jack is from an IT background, a peopole person with a passion for customer service.

Jack is with Parcelport for 5 years

Head of IT - Shanghai Office

Jing started as a front end / user experience developer, he is a fast learner and quickly became a full stack developer, he then worked his way up to become the head of IT, Jing relocated to Shanghai in 2021 to head the Shanghai IT office

Jing is with Parcelport for 5 years

Sales Manager

Jason is an experienced business person with a great ability to develop solutions that his customer’s love.

Jason is with Parcelport for 5 years

Sales Executive

Sunny first came to us as part of the sales team, she received a lot of appraise from customers and is a rising star

Customer Relationship Manager

Sandra worked at New Zealand Post for over 20 years. She is the face and voice of Parcelport as well as the camp mother of our office.

Sandra is with Parcelport for 5 years

Customer Service Manager

Queency first came to us as part of the Customer Service team, she received a lot of appraise from customers and was promoted to the role of Customer Service Manager in 2023

Marketing Manager

Mari is an Ad Ops professional with experience in web and app ad monetization through direct and programmatic advertising.


Chloe first came to us as part of the Customer Service team while studying acounting, she takes over the accounts person's role in 2022

Senior Web Developer - Auckland Office

Kevin is an experienced full stack developer and our go to guru for everything IT.

Web Developer - Auckland Office

Mu is an experienced web developer based in our Auckland Office offering our customers tech support

Web Developer - Shanghai Office

Lianjie is our senior web developer based in our Shanghai Office

Customer Service

Joyce is the new kid on the block and a fast learner

Tester - Shanghai Office

Xi is our tester at our Shanghai office, making sure all the new features are fully tested before releasing them to our live server

Office Assistant

Charlie is a multi-talented Dashound, he is a very good door bell, seat warmer, and very diligently vaccums up food dropped on the office floor

Charlie is with Parcelport for 2 years


ParcelBot's main role is to answer customers' frequently asked questions, when he is not answering questions he guards our office 24×7, he is very good at scarying new courier drivers coming into our office

Parcebot is with Parcelport for 6 years

We are a multicultural equal opportunity employer, come work for us