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International Courier Companies

Ship to over 220 countries worldwide

Via the Parcelport system, you can now send your store, website or Trademe orders etc to multiple international courier companies such as NZ Post, EMS, TNT Express etc. You can get courier prices from these companies, print air way bill, commercial/pro forma invoice and custom declaration, book pickups, track and trace parcels and order their stationery within the Parcelport App.

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New Zealand Post is a state owned enterprise and the national postal service of New Zealand, they provide a full range of international and domestic document, mail, parcel and express courier services, its non signature non tracked service provide a cheap courier alternative

TNT Express is an international express courier service providing both import and export services to and from over 220 countries worldwide, it provides door to door document, express courier and economy express services, through its Express Courier service, it provides a cheap courier solution for items over 10kg

EMS stands for Express Mail Service, is an international postal service for documents and parcels. In 1998, the Universal Postal Union UPU created EMS to promotes cooperation between member postal organizations

YTO Express is a public listed courier company is China offering a cheap international courier service to Taiwan & China

SF Express is an international express courier company and the largrest express courier company in China providing service to over 220 countries worldwide, it provides door to door document and express parcel services

Whether your ecommerce business imports parcels or exports them. Trust Parcelport for your shipping because we understand your packages are exportant!