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Same Day Courier Companies

Ship across town in major cities

Via the Parcelport system, you can now send your store, website or Trademe orders etc to multiple urgent or same day courier companies such as Now Couriers and Pace Couriers. You can get courier prices from these companies, book pickups, track and trace parcels within the Parcelport App.

If you want to find out more on how Parcelport can help you manage your couriers and shipping needs please CLICK HERE

NOW Couriers provides 4 pickup and delivery run cycles per day, so if an item is picked up during the first cycle, it can achieve same day delivery by the 4th cycle if it is within 250km from Auckland. However NOW Couriers only have branches in Auckland, so therefore it can only pickup from Auckland addresses.

Pace Couriers is a point to point urgent courier service, they can provide under one hour (30 minutes) door to door delivery service across town, they also provide 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hour services. Pace is available in major cities of New Zealand

Whether your ecommerce business imports parcels or exports them. Trust Parcelport for your shipping because we understand your packages are exportant!