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New Zealand Couriers – Post Haste

ParcelPort is proud to team up with Post Haste to help “deliver” great service to you. Posthaste dates back to 1977 when it was called Armourguard Security Couriers which later became Courier Systems Limited and then it was renamed Post Haste in 1988. Posthaste is a nationwide courier company, they have branches all over the country, servicing 360 cities and towns in New Zealand.

Through the Parcelport system, you can now send your store, website or Trademe orders etc to Post Haste. You can get courier prices from Posthaste, print Posthaste courier tickets, book Posthaste pickups, track and trace Posthaste items and order Posthaste satchels within the Parcelport App.

If you want to find out more on how Parcelport can help you manage your couriers and shipping needs please CLICK HERE

Post Haste has products which make shipping simple. You can select one of their 5 satchel sizes or send using your own packaging. Their satchels are tougher than rhino skin and can hold up to 15kg, they comes in 5 sizes – Letter DLE (150x260mm), Small A5 (210x260mm), A4 (225x325mm), Medium (280x390mm), Large A3 (360x415mm) and Extra Large A2 (450x450mm).

Alternatives: NOW Couriers provides 4 pickup and delivery run cycles per day, so if an item is picked up during the first cycle, it can achieve same day delivery by the 4th cycle if it is within 250km from Auckland. NOW Couriers is an Auckland based courier company, they only have branches in Auckland, so therefore it can only pickup from Auckland addresses. If cost is your main concern, Castle Parcels maybe a good alternative. Castle Parcels are one of the cheap courier services available, however, they don’t provide overnight express service between islands and they only provide 2 pickup and delivery cycle runs per day. Castle Parcels is only available for Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington customers

Here is the summary:

* Nationwide Pickups? YES

* Deliver Nationwide? YES

* 5 satchel sizes

* 3 pickup and delivery cycle runs per day

* Inter-Island Express Service? YES

If your query is relating to pickups, sales or billings please contact Parcelport on and quote your Consignment Number (Tracking Number), if your query is relating to deliveries please contact Posthaste on 0800 106 828 or email at and tell them you are a Parcelport customer and give them the Parcelport Consignment Number (Tracking Number)

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