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4 things to remember when sending packages locally

4 things to remember when sending packages locally

When you send a parcel locally within New Zealand, it’s often easy to forget you need to follow the same procedures that you would when sending something overseas.

If you’re Trev from Nelson just sending a few bits and pieces to old mate Gav in the Waikato, using a hassle-free system like Parcelport makes it easy as pie to send packages. No one would blame you for not remembering to do any of the following, but it’s much better off that you do, so here’s four things to remember when sending packages locally!

1. Packaging is still crucial

Even when you’re just sending packages around New Zealand, it’s still key to make sure that they’re just as secure and protected as a package for an international courier would be.

Wrapping anything fragile with cushioning material such as bubble wrap should be standard practice, and wrapping individual items separately is also important. Once these items are placed in the right-sized box or container, you’ll still need to make sure they don’t move while being couriered, easily accomplished by using packaging foam or an eco-friendly alternative.

2. Some items are restricted

Just because you’re not shipping something internationally, it doesn’t mean that you can get away with shipping dangerous or restricted items. Items that are suspected to be containing a restricted item may be opened and inspected by any NZ courier. If a prohibited item is found, the item will not be delivered.

The list of these items is expansive, so you’ll need to check it every time that you send something, and ranges from illegal drugs and human or animal remains, to electronics and gas-based items, anything flammable, and valuable items such as precious jewellery, among many other things.

3. What time of year is it?

You might think when sending packages locally that you can get away with sending things a day or two before it needs to be there – any time of the year. Unfortunately, this is a surefire way to guarantee your deliveries are late in busy periods such as Christmas! It’s important to check courier cutoff dates in busy times, and make sure that you book your pickup as early as possible to make sure it arrives on time!

4. Rural deliveries can take longer than normal

As those living out of the cities will know, rural delivery can take longer or may need to be sent on different dates, as some areas won’t be serviced every day. Factors such as weather can also hinder the time that it takes to get your package delivered – for instance, if you were recently trying to send something to the East Cape / Gisborne area, there may have been a delay due to the closure of a key gorge road.

If you’re concerned about this, you’ll need to find out the relevant information for courier processes – such as rural delivery days at a local office – near your package’s destination, to make sure you or your business can get your package there on time.

If you want to start saving time and money with a courier platform and aggregator that lets you compare prices, choose from a range of courier options, book pickups, and track parcels using a single online account, then Parcelport is the courier delivery booking system you’ve been searching for.

Even if you need a same day courier, Parcelport can usually set up your account and get a courier to you within two or three hours, so don’t delay – get in contact with the expert team at Parcelport now!

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