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How are we different to gosweetspot GSS? What is our sweetspot?

What is our sweetspot? How are we different to Gosweetspot?

Quite often we get asked by shippers and senders how are we different to Gosweetspot or GSS? Are you a copy of Gosweetspot? Let’s answer these questions.

We are similar to GSS.  We are direct competitors to each other and no, we are not a copy of GSS.  We are two independently developed systems.  In fact, in 2012 Parcelport (back then was called Payport) were the first cloud based online courier system. When Sweetspot was founded in 2010, it was a PC based system (where software installation was necessary).

How are we the same and how are we different? 

  • We both partner with almost identical domestic courier companies such as Posthaste, Castle Parcels, etc. Parcelport do offer CourierPost service with deliveries to P.O.Boxes and Waiheke Island and some rural addresses at no extra cost.
  • On the same day and urgent couriers front, we both partner with Now Couriers   GSS partners with Urgent Couriers while we partners with Pace Couriers
  • On the international courier front, we both partner with New Zealand Post/EMS.
  • For international express couriers GSS partners with Fedex and we partner with TNT Express
  • Parcelport partners with YTO Express offering a cost effective courier solution to Taiwan and China.
  • We both offer eCommerce platform integration such as Trademe, Magento, Shopify etc

What some of the users say

“We have been with Parcelport for over 4 years now. It’s a good system. I’d say equal to GSS, however having Courier Post on board has hugely reduced our costs to the customer in more remote areas” – Debbie Rennie

If you want to find out more on how Parcelport can help you manage your couriers and shipping needs please CLICK HERE

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